Your Core Values – Plugging into your Powerhouse!

Today I’d love to give you a little window into my FUSE program.  This is the first of six blog posts which will set out an easy practical way to find confidence, success and freedom.  This FUSE program is set out fully in my new book called “Conscious Confidence – Use the Wisdom of Sanskrit to find Clarity and Success”. My book is full of traditional stories, contemporary accounts and practices that are embodying examples of conscious confidence. It’s only through application that we get transformed.

The first step in my FUSE program is Core Values.  This is the key to everything that follows and is based on connecting deeply with who you are and what you truly hold dear in your heart.  This is followed by Positive Attitude, then Focusing, Uniting, Simplifying and Energizing. ‘F-U-S-E’ has come from these last four: Focusing, Uniting Simplifying and Energizing.

Connecting with your Core Values is like plugging into your powerhouse. We start by asking the big questions. This takes courage and this courageous tackling of real questions is the beginning of our journey to Conscious Confidence.

The first big question is, Who am I? And it is the question, rather than an immediate answer that drives the enquiry. Some of these questions are not actually meant to have an immediate answer. Their power is to open within ourselves a sense of inquiry about what is beyond our normal world, our ordinary everyday experience.

When you ask yourself, Who am I? observe the effect it has on you, take note of the feeling. Let the fact of asking, bring you into the present moment, into the Now.

We want to come into the present because this is the place to start in developing Conscious Confidence. For this we need new knowledge that is deeper than the informational framework that governs our ordinary world, deeper than the limits we have placed on who we think we are.

To get some new knowledge let’s go back to Sanskrit, ancient timeless wisdom and see what the Sanskrit has to say about our true values.

Two interesting Sanskrit words for values are ‘mūlyam’ and ‘argha’. Mūlyam carries the meaning of ‘the root’.  The roots of a tree are underground and out of sight.  They are hidden. To know the root of something we need to look to whether, like a tree, it is strong and flourishing, or weak and sickly.  If something – a person, a city, a business, an idea – is flourishing and prospering it is an indication of strong, healthy roots.

Argha, the second Sanskrit word for value means ‘what you honor’. We show we honor something by giving it respect, by praising it, by giving it our time, our love and attention.  We may honor people, or our community or our religion.  But at its heart, we honor the principles and values of those people and things: their strength, compassion, kindness, intelligence.  What we honor is what we value.

Core Values are mighty powers in the universe. These great virtues and values are mighty forces the great Sanskrit tradition recognizes. Finding your own unique Core Values is at the starting point on the journey to Conscious Confidence.