The master key for Conscious Confidence is very simple. It’s stillness and attention. In stillness and single pointed attention, you are connecting to the real foundations within yourself. Let’s be simple and clear, the master key of stillness and attention is really how to live. If you can master being inwardly still and giving your attention to what’s in hand, that’s all you need. Everything else comes from that. All the energy and knowledge you need arises there. We miss it when we’re trapped in our ever-changing thoughts and feelings.

Think of a tree…Conscious Confidence is like a big tree with deep roots that hold it and keep it strong and steady in the face of storms, the changing environment, and whatever occurs. It can stand tall and strong, withstand all those challenges, and yet serve by providing oxygen, food and shelter for everyone.


The magnificent tree stands upright and proud in all sorts of challenging conditions that it may face, due to the roots. The roots are deep into the soil, deep into the ground. Think of the tree. We need our roots deep into ourselves. And that means into inner stillness; into deep stillness. Then that’s where the attention comes in, because it starts with deep stillness within ourselves. And then when we move into action, we give our full attention. And single-pointed attention is stillness in action. So, the expression of stillness in action is through our attention. You need to understand both.