We Are Becoming Conscious!

Dr.Pat: People are coming together in groups and asking themselves questions around what do I really value? What are my values, what do I believe in? And so yet at the same time, we live in this very awkward state of being, you know, we’re uncomfortable. We’re stuck. We can’t move forward. And what I hear you saying is that conscious confidence is the natural state, not this other way of being.


Sarah: Absolutely, absolutely. You know we can actually live with conscious confidence; it’s quite natural to live like that. We’re actually designed this way to live in a state of optimism, positivity, with strength, resilience, and high self-esteem. That doesn’t mean we’re beset by ego. It doesn’t mean that we don’t feel fear. That doesn’t mean we don’t have challenges. It’s how we respond to them. It’s what we bring to the table, what we bring to the party when the challenges occur. Someone might see a problem, we see opportunities; we learn from it, we grow from it, we say let’s keep moving forward.