Wake Up

There is always something that will inspire, direct, and guide. There’s never a time where you can just dismiss timeless wisdom saying: “That’s not relevant anymore.” If you can do that, then it isn’t timeless wisdom.  But you know, there’s something about the way the world is so drawn to a state of peace, to natural being, to wanting to be in the flow. I don’t think anybody wakes up every day and deliberately says, “Oh, I think I’d like to have low self-esteem today, and how about throw-in some anxiety and yes, with a depression chaser.” But these can be seen clearly from the point of view of the wisdom traditions. The way we accept these negative states is an indication that we are not aware, we are unaware, or to put it another way, we are asleep. That’s not a judgment. It’s just we are not aware of any other possibility – we must become aware to live in confidence and peace.