Victim to Victor – It’s Your Choice!

Explained in an interview on Conscious Confidence Radio – A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane: Victim to Victor – it’s Your Choice! with Dr. Pat Baccili


Dr. Pat: So give us a sense of from your perspective what this means to go from victim to victor, but most importantly, what does it mean?


Sarah: When I was training to be a coach, and this was after decades of teaching, one of the first things we learned was to stay present to this – that if you have a client that’s in victim, there is no point in continuing until you actually get them out of that mindset.


It hit me between the eyes, like a freight train. And this is after decades of work on personal development and meditation. The whole situation with the victim mindset, once the trainer laid it out, meant I first had to really address this within myself. I’d never actually addressed it face-on within myself. I saw that there is a distinction that unless we get it clear and make a firm decision, we can slip into victim and we’re completely fixed.