United We Stand, Divided We Fall

In this blog post I’m going to consider Uniting, the next part of the F.U.S.E. Program.  The previous steps are Core Values, Positive Attitude and Focusing.

Uniting comes right after Focusing and is dependent upon it. Uniting is followed by Simplifying and Energizing and together Focusing, Uniting, Simplifying and Energizing – F.U.S.E. – constitute the fourfold energy of Conscious Confidence.

The motto of the United States is “E Pluribus Unum”, which means “Out of Many, One”. It’s an incredibly beautiful and powerful motto which speaks of creating a powerful Unity from diverse elements.  It is like a thick rope woven of slender strands, or a family which, although including many individuals, stands united.

But all too often diversity, variety and difference can lead to division and discord.  As a practical matter how can we reconcile mutually opposed sides and conflict? The solution is to find the unifying common underlying factor in every situation where there appears to be division.

Let’s consider some examples.  Conflict in a business meeting could be reconciled by acknowledgment that everyone wants the company to be successful and prosperous.  Perhaps the participants could revisit the company’s vision, mission and values.

Politics can be a source of quite heated emotion so perhaps any such discussion could begin with a review of the points of agreement: that we all want to live in a society that is free, just and prosperous; that we want laws that are fair and equitable.  Only then might the discussion move on to policy differences and to see if there was any room for reconciliation.

Find the common unifying point first, then let that be a starting point for a rich interesting and, yes, robust but respectful, exchange of views.

In fact, any apparent conflict between individuals or groups can begin by an acknowledgment of our common humanity.  That’s a good start!

This approach needs reason and an openness to all sides, it can take effort and discipline.

The effort is to find the underlying unity whilst embracing and appreciating the differences. Challenge yourself every day to find the uniting element in every situation. It’s a simple practice, but it needs some discipline. Have the end goal in mind and there’s always underlying unity, even in a simple example such as an apple and an orange being united by the common element of ‘fruit’.

If we can find the underlying unity in each situation of our daily life, it’s natural then to find that inner wholeness, integrity and unity within ourselves.

After Uniting, the next step of the F.U.S.E. Program is Simplifying.  I’ll consider Simplifying ,which is letting go the non-essentials and staying with the essential, in the next blog post.