A conversation between Dr Pat Bacilli and Sarah Mane, author, broadcaster and founder of Conscious Confidence



Sarah, tell us again how our listeners can get access to what you’re teaching.


I’ve created a two-part video series that can be downloaded for free, and it’s called “Design Your Own Alignment Guide”.  Alignment involves getting in balance. The Sanskrit word for balance is santulana. In Sanskrit the concept of balance means measuring one thing against another, getting the right balance of food, exercise and rest on every level.  It also means knowing when to stop when you’ve had enough, when to stop one thing and start another. It sounds simple and yet it takes focus and awareness.

I take this concept of balance in relation to aligning our body, mind, heart and spirit so we feel alive, thriving, full of vitality.  We become interested in things around us, we become an interesting person.  This is what a human being is intended to be.  But we need some knowledge.  That’s what the ancient wisdom provides. We just need access to it in a form suitable to this day and age.

So the Alignment Guide is based on timeless wisdom.  But even better, it’s been well and truly tested.  In fact this is how we structured the curriculum at the school where I taught for many years, and that school is thriving and very successful.

I’m no longer teaching there but I was there a few weeks ago adjudicating a Sanskrit Recitation competition. In fact, I started the competition about 20 years ago and it is phenomenal. They hold it every year and I was the guest adjudicator. We’re talking about five to eleven year olds reciting quite sophisticated passages of Sanskrit, in age appropriate lengths. They know the Sanskrit and the English translation, and it is beautifully recited.  When we talk about good food for the mind and heart and the soul this is it. It feeds the child, and it has a profound effect on everyone else as well. The stillness, the purity, the beauty is all there.  And that’s just one example.

That’s what the Alignment Guide is all about, guiding you to include things that are really worthwhile in your life.  That is part of the solution to the dysfunction we were talking about before.

Dr Pat:

I know how passionate and committed you are to helping both young people and adults really thrive in life. Honestly for you to take this forward, write the book, do the radio show you have to have your heart and being open and calling you forward. But the question for me is, What can we now say that we have learned, and do we now have a solution?


The solution is to raise the level of consciousness and awareness. Our own level, and the level in the community, in society, world-wide. That is the solution. That is what I was taught, and that it’s all based on timeless wisdom. That’s what my book is about. That’s what my radio show is about. And I feel drawn to speak more and more about it, and to teach the relevance today of timeless wisdom, the timeless wisdom that raises the level of conscious awareness within a person. It sounds simple, and it is, but you need knowledge. You need to be taught and to hear it and then apply it.  My whole book is about this.  I set out the simple principles, and the link to Sanskrit, there are tradtional stories to illustrate what I’m saying, so there’s plenty of knowledge.  I’ve also included current contemporary accounts of actual people that I know and that I’ve worked with applying these principles.  And finally, I’ve provided simple practices that people can apply, and everything is tried and tested.

This is the solution.  You study the timeless wisdom in ways that can be applied in this day and age.  My goal is to show its relevance, and then show how to apply it in a simple, practical way. This application gradually raises the level of consciousness within yourself, your conscious awareness.  And that clears away limitations.  As your level of consciousness rises, things that seemed to bother you fall away, because they don’t actually exist at a higher level of consciousness.

The problems we see all around us are indicative of a level of consciousness of society, and of humanity. If we raise the level of consciousness problems and issues that we currently take as normal just leave our mind.  We see a different reality. The problems of a lower level of consciousness disappear.  It sounds magical but it’s true.  I know of  psychiatrists who deal with people, with really resistant issues of anxiety, and they’ve come to a realization that mindfulness is the key to healthfulness.  This is part of the modern mindfulness movement, coming back to basic presence and consciousness. This is practical present awareness and simple connection to who we are as limitless beings, with limitless potential.

Dr Pat:

No one I know of has been able to make the bridge that you have just made. Bridging a practical almost scientific knowledge with principles of timeless wisdom.


Thanks Pat, it’s just a matter of following a system that reminds you who you really are, a limitless being of limitless potential.



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