Working with Sarah has given me direction and clarity and I have fulfilled goals which I never thought would be achievable. This has not only helped me during the sessions it has given me an array of tools which I can use throughout my life.

~ Richard

Sarah’s coaching has been extremely helpful.

It has kept me on track and the steps towards the goals that we came up with in each session were achieved. Sarah did a great job of staying with my process and leading me into action and remained patient and positive throughout.

` Alison

I found the coaching sessions with Sarah to be inspiring and amazingly useful. I felt that coaching would help me clarify a few issues and give me focus on getting through some projects, but the power of the model and the open spacious attitude of the coach were way beyond my expectations.
Not only did it kick start these projects it filled me with an enthusiasm and energy which gave me complete confidence in other areas as well.

~ Simon

Coaching sessions with Sarah were extraordinary. She allowed me to awaken to my own potential, to take responsibility for my own actions and realise that my destiny was in my control. The answers I discovered were within me! Sarah was generous and non judgemental. I could not imagine the sessions being any better and I came away from each a better person.
I can recommend her highly.

~ Peter

Sarah played an integral part in the successful changes I have made this year. Not only did she provide the tools and motivation, but she also gave me the desire to actually want to achieve my goals. She made me see that it was I holding me back. I have had the same dreams and aspirations for many years but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.
I found Sarah to be non-judgmental, unbiased, approachable, relaxing with a positive, can-do attitude. I would totally, without hesitation seek out Sarah to realize your potential and understand that reaching your lifetime dreams can become a reality.

~ Justine

Sarah Mane stands out in her empathy,

her detachment yet her clarity to make intuitive suggestions, which one can ponder and work into one’s life. I feel that Sarah adds another dimension; she leads from her soul. Sarah was very warm and nurturing. Our sessions proved to be illuminating and resourceful.

~ Jo

“I found my ability to attend at work and to increase efficiency went through the roof after applying just a few of Sarah’s methods. My job is pretty stressful and I have a responsible executive position and these techniques have given me the ability to stand back and stand calmly in the eye of the storm.”

~ Rob

Sarah Mane_conscious confidence

I was amazed.

At first I was very sceptical and didn’t think such simple exercises and methods would do anything. But I tried them anyway and now I’m telling everyone I know about Sarah. My wife and children have noticed the change.

~ Rajiv

Sarah’s techniques utterly transformed my life. She is incredible. She’s clear, insightful and compassionate, but also no-nonsense and she gets down to business. My relationships have been reenergised and deepened. My friends comment on how happy I look now. Highly recommended.

~ Jenny