Sanskrit has twelve words that mean ‘confidence’, in all its permutations from bravery to conviction to self-assurance.


When I looked more deeply into the subtle meanings of these twelve words I realized they could be grouped under four main headings – Focusing, Uniting, Simplifying, Energising.  I then formulated them into the F.U.S.E. Program.


This program starts with an inner connection to your Core Values, and then moves onto the nurturing of a Positive Attitude.  Then it goes through the four phases of Focusing, Uniting, Simplifying and Energising.


Let’s look at one key Sanskrit word in each of the four groups.


In the Focusing group of words we have dridha-pratyaya.  Dridha, means ‘firm’, and pratyaya means ‘belief’.   So dridha-pratyaya means a firm belief.  Nothing wishy-washy here.  No if, buts or maybes.


You are totally focused and completely confident in your beliefs, there is no doubt in your mind.  This confidence is both an effect of focusing on the reality of the situation before you, and it is also a cause of focused attention and determination moving forward.


The next word is Āshā-bandha. The word ‘bandha’ is where our English word ‘bond’ comes from.  But this is not a limiting bond.  These bonds are the ‘ties that bind’, the links that bring people, and families, and communities together.  They are the bonds that unite, bonds of hope, confidence and trust.  Āshā-bandha carries the energy of uniting and bringing together.


While dridha-pratyaya is strong and firm and clear; āshā-bandha is warm and yielding and gentle. They are both part of true confidence.


The third element is ‘a-sandeha’ and this means not accumulating excess in body, mind and heart.  This simplification, this lack of mental, physical and emotional clutter and confusion, leads to clarity and certainty.  This simplifying is clean and clear and free of doubt, which is fundamental to real confidence


And finally we have ‘vishvāsa’.  The literal meaning of this word is ‘to draw breath freely’, and it has the further meaning of ‘being free from fear’.  This is because fear freezes us, it constrains us, and makes us unable to breath.  If one is able to breath freely then one is free from fear. And freedom from fear is a hallmark of true confidence.


This free breathing also has a related meaning of energizing.   Breath gives life, and life is the fullest form of energy.  So this beautiful word ‘vishvāsa’ means to breath freely, to be free from fear, to be full of the energy of life, to be completely confident.


These four words, dridha-pratyaya, āshā-bandha, a-sandeha and vishvāsa, tell us that true confidence is determined, gentle, clear and lively.  I have used these and other related Sanskrit words to create a program, which take you through a process of Focusing, Uniting, Simplifying and Energising.  This program is for all those who want to acquire deep-rooted and steady confidence.


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Sanskrit – its Beauty, Power and Relevance for Today!