My journey of discovery into the world of conscious confidence began when I saw the crying need of people for a firm, dependable source of inner self-confidence.


One day I was at a weekend retreat for harpists (that’s another story!)  One of the presenters was dealing with stage fright.  It was the best attended workshop of the whole weekend.  In fact it was standing room only, other musicians and performers came just for this session.  Stage fright, performance nerves, anxiety and panic attacks are apparently rife in the world of musical performance.


The speaker was a psychologist and he presented a series of possible responses to the problem.  While admitting he was not an expert he passed on something of what he had read on mindfulness and breathing and meditation techniques.


As he spoke, I was having an extended Aha! moment.  After all, I have been practicing mindfulness, meditation and similar exercises for decades.  I felt sure that some of this could be useful especially in view of how common it is for people to resort to medication to get through a performance. I was shocked to hear this was happening.


I decided to really investigate the fundamental meaning of ‘confidence’, to find out what the sources of unchanging wisdom have to tell us about it, what it is, how to attain it, how to deepen our confidence and make sure it is readily available to meet whatever life presents.


Sanskrit is my field of study and my passion so that is where I started.


When I looked up ‘confidence’ in Sanskrit I found a number words – twelve in fact – that mean confidence in all its various permutations.


I started looking up each of these twelve words, researching their inner meaning, trying to discover what the timeless wisdom encapsulated in Sanskrit had to tell the twenty-first century about confidence.  But mere dictionary study didn’t do it for me.  I was interested in the meaning of the word in practical application. I wanted to know what action a person can take to discover a well-spring of inner confidence which is available to them when needed.


As my study deepened, I had another Aha! moment.  I suddenly thought “I get this” and the whole Conscious Confidence F.U.S.E. program presented itself.  It is based on deep wisdom, and it is practical and easy to apply.  I’ve used this program in my coaching and training practice and I’ve now written a book, Conscious Confidence – Use the Wisdom of Sanskrit to Find Clarity and Success, due out in January 2020.


Now, if only I can get some of my musician friends to read it.


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Sanskrit – its Beauty, Power and Relevance for Today!