Conscious Confidence Radio-A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane invites you on an adventurous journey to the deeper level of meaning to move beyond today’s world of constant change, confusion, and uncertainty – beyond the shadow of fear. This hit show explores key concepts such as confidence, values, attitude in a powerful, compassionate, courageous and dynamic way. Sarah brings forth a unique knowledge of ancient Sanskrit mysteries to ignite your true self and full expression of your limitless creative potential. Get ready to step into Conscious Confidence.

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Conscious Confidence Radio with Sarah Mane changes the current paradigm from looking outside to looking within. It goes straight to consciousness itself, our unchanging awareness of our own existence, the source of limitless wisdom. This is beyond the body, mind and heart, and yet encompasses them. It is a whole-person approach. However deep our inner awareness, this determines the extent to which we can see reality in the external world.

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