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The ancient language of Sanskrit, used by the sages of India to write their poetry, epics, and works of profound wisdom. Sanskrit is not just a language, but is also a doorway.

This book was written to welcome you to the world of Conscious Confidence. When you read this book, connect to a thread of timeless wisdom. 

“There is a reason Sanskrit is regarded as a sacred language: It is said to be the language used by the souls.

But it is much more than that, Sanskrit has the power to open the many chambers of our heart and connect us with the inner sacred dimensions of our being.

The complex structure and grammar of Sanskrit can refine the mind, bring clarity of thought and a deeper understanding of the flow of consciousness, the Universe at large, and the reality of individual lives on this planet.

In her new book, Conscious Confidence Sarah Mane offers a spiritual and conscious framework for achieving balance in your life and shows you how to weave colorful new threads into your destiny.” ~ Liane Buck, Editor, Om Times

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“Working with Sarah has given me direction and clarity”
Working with Sarah has given me direction and clarity and I have fulfilled goals which I never thought would be achievable. This has not only helped me during the sessions it has given me an array of tools which I can use throughout my life. -Richard.