The Sanskrit word for pure, universal love is Prema.  Sounds lovely doesn’t it?  Yes, and no.


If Prema is pure and universal it is present everywhere, throughout all time and in all circumstances.  Something universal and pure doesn’t only show up in some places and at some of the time, and then be absent at other times and in other places.


When a parent looks at a new-born baby, when a couple commits to a lifelong relationship, when a soaring piece of exquisite music captures your heart and takes you to another plain of being, all these are examples of Prema.  They are the easy ones.


But what about when the music is discordant, or when a colleague undermines you at work, or when that relationship turns out not to be lifelong?  Where is your experience of Prema then?


Prema is still there.  It just needs a little clarity and, yes, work, to see and experience it.


Prema, pure universal love never goes away.  It never sleeps, it is never hiding.  It is ever accessible, always available, and always at our elbow to lend a hand, give support and fill us with the energy needed to see every situation through to a beautiful successful end.  Even those situations where we might believe otherwise.


To receive the experience of universal abundant love, the trick is to give first.  We give our love, our support, our joy to others first.  We make others glad, we make the world beautiful and complete for others first.  It is then that the doors open for us as well.  And the wonderful part is we don’t have to worry about that second part, the flow back to us,   the Universe looks after that.


So, the practical path is to connect with Prema when it is obvious and easy – think of those special moments, that family celebration, that meet up with old friends, that music.  Feel the Prema, the pure universal love. Let it flow to others.


Then widen your experience.  Acknowledge that love at other times, when life is ordinary.  On the commute to work, let your love flow.  When doing the weekly shopping, let your love flow.  When dealing with those business emails, let your heart open and let your love flow.  For no reason other than that Prema is there and the flow is healthful for everyone.


Make this a habit and, if tragedy or hurt strike you will find yourself strong, confident and awake, and you can be the vehicle whereby Prema, pure universal love, soothes and heals and brings strength and peace to all who need it.


Sarah Mane

April 13th, 2020