Dr. Pat: “Sarah has crafted so beautifully what conscious confidence is; what it means to the world. She hasn’t simply provided a conversation about what our potentiality is, but also created the tools that we need in order to live in today’s world. We’ve been talking about a master key, talking about what it is that if we knew this, we would have this wisdom. This would be a game changer in our life. It’s also something if we learnt it, and then put it into being, we really could shift our lives.”


Sarah: “Yes, it’s the only way we’re going to shift our lives. I’m telling you that being in the Now, is the way, and it takes practice. Practice is a muscle. Learning to give attention, especially in this day and age, it’s a muscle and it needs practice. If I say go and run a marathon right now, you wouldn’t be able to do it, and you’d know you wouldn’t be able to do it. None of us would. You think of what elite athletes put into their training and their practice in their chosen discipline. And especially now that they’ve also brought in sports psychology. They’re not just training physically, they now know, it’s also the mental state. Athletes, for example, understand this. But the average person who doesn’t have aspirations in these ways, at these elite levels, doesn’t. This comes back to proper discipline and focus, and for us it’s the inner stillness and the attention, and that’s all you need. Wisdom arises naturally from stillness. But how to actually learn this, what it means, how to do it – is another matter. It is simple, it is straight forward, but you do need proper wisdom. And the wisdom and the wisdom traditions have been providing this forever. It’s tried and true and tested.