Project Description

Consulting, Speaking, Workshops, Webinars:
• Learn to use the natural power of Conscious Confidence
• Discover the potency of Timeless Wisdom for your Leadership and Organizational Culture

Sarah Mane has over twenty five years experience in management, education, mindfulness and transformational coaching.

Everyone has the power to change their life. We are dedicated to helping you discover the inspiration and motivation that will change yours.

– What do you really want?

– Are you at a transitional point in your life?

– Do you need motivation on how to move forward?

– Do you want clarity in identifying your values and goals?

At Sarah Mane Coaching we offer:

  • Executive Coaching: coaching for performance, fulfillment and success.
  • Life Coaching: goal setting, clarity and action. Finding your true meaning and purpose.
  • Mindfulness Training: The power of consciousness and attention, self awareness, self confidence, practical techniques for attaining clarity of mind and inner balance, stress relief and gaining control of yourself and your life.