Sanskrit – Its Power and Relevance to Conscious Confidence: Segment 2

 Explained in an interview on Conscious Confidence Radio – A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane: Sanskrit – It’s Power and Relevance to Conscious Confidence with Dr. Pat Baccili

Sanksrit Wisdom Is Spreading

Ayurveda is growing in popularity in the Western world as a profound and powerful healing modality. It’s an ancient text and teaching about medicine, health and the body.   Yoga, of course is growing everywhere. I mean, what city does not have yoga? Multiple Yoga studios with everyone practicing mindfulness meditation, Prānas and Āsanas. Meditation itself is everywhere. Of course Buddhist texts and Hindu texts are in Sanskrit. When I was studying at university, there was a quite a number of people who were following Buddhism, including a Buddhist monk. He came from Sri Lanka and he had already studied Sanskrit in Sri Lanka, and the Buddhist texts from Sanskrit into Sri Lankan. And he came to Sydney to study all the Buddhist texts again, but in Sanskrit into English. Wow, that is something. Isn’t it fascinating that we’re learning about this timeless wisdom?