Sanskrit – Its Power and Relevance to Conscious Confidence: Segment 4

 Explained in an interview on Conscious Confidence Radio – A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane: Sanskrit – It’s Power and Relevance to Conscious Confidence with Dr. Pat Baccili

Confidence Without Attachment

Sarah: You need to have something – you need to have your confidence. You need to be confident in something that doesn’t shift, and then you can enjoy the passing play of life, of experiences, the highs, the lows. You can enjoy it all. But, without that connection to something certain and true and unchanging, then you just moved around all over the place and, the experience is not necessarily so blissful. The thing is with conscious confidence, it is grounded in practicality. My approach is always that you need something that’s easy, simple and practical and also profound. Otherwise you’re talking about something that’s superficial. If it’s not profound, it’s probably superficial. If it’s not an easy, simple and practical, then it’s difficult, complex, and ultimately useless.