Living Beyond Limits: Segment 4

Explained in an interview on Conscious Confidence Radio – A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane: Living Beyond Limits with Dr. Pat Baccili

The F.U.S.E Program for Strength,  Self-Improvement,  and  Self-Empowerment 

Dr.Pat: You know, Sarah, you’ve developed a way to help people and worked through how to incorporate it into their daily lives. You’ve created the F.U.S.E. program -let’s talk about that today in more detail.

Sarah: The F.U.S.E. program is a program that’s self-directed, but it helps us to strengthen, to to be empowered. I mean the important thing to me was that it was self-directed because if we’re dependent on some external source for the information, then that to me is a contradiction in developing confidence within ourselves. So we need the knowledge, but then to be able to enact it ourselves and apply it ourselves. It takes simple principles that don’t change and we apply them and that’s how we’re going to deepen our awareness of ourselves and deepen the connection within ourselves. I took the focusing, uniting, simplifying and energizing, which fuses together rather beautifully. When I looked at the Sanskrit and looked at the English of that, it filled out my understanding of the words quite naturally. I didn’t actually have to make that up.