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Sarah Mane has years of experience in speaking to a wide variety of audiences, and of inspiring and motivating transformative change. Her message is personal, practical, clear and free of hype. If you want to discover true Conscious Confidence and to make genuine change in your life, Sarah will lay out a path with clarity, simplicity and a wisdom that makes your journey not only possible but inevitable.

Sarah offers powerful, transformative and practical keynote speeches and seminars that are inspiring and motivating people towards positive change and Conscious Confidence. Her message is clear, simple, personal and hype-free.

Conscious Confidence is Changing the World

Sarah’s entertaining and motivating key note speeches introduce timeless wisdom covering a broad range of topics such as:

~The Importance of Core Values,

~The Power of a Positive Attitude,

~The Barriers to Change and how to Step Over Them Easily,

~The Way Forward into a new and powerful paradigm using consciousness alone.

Speaking Topics:

~ Conscious Confidence for Leadership Development
~ Identifying Your Fear Barrier
~ Forms of Unconscious Confidence
~ Four-Fold Energy of Conscious Confidence
~ Conscious Confidence in Action
~ Developing a Culture of Conscious Confidence
~ Stage Fright Free – Conscious Confidence for Performers and Speakers
~ Positive Patience – the Strategic Edge

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