What we need to understand is that we need some knowledge to help us with stillness and giving attention. We need to understand our instrument of the mind. The wisdom traditions present clear knowledge of this fine instrument of mind and heart that we all have. We need to understand the elements of this fine instrument and how they work. Because otherwise we will get lost in the functioning of the mind if we don’t actually understand how it works. So, in the wisdom traditions, this fine instrument of mind and heart has four parts to it; four aspects. The first one is what is commonly called the monkey mind. The monkey mind in Sanskrit is called ‘Manas’. The second part of the mind in Sanskrit is called ‘Buddhi’, or the intellect. The third part is called ‘Chitta’ in Sanskrit, or the memory; we can also call it the heart. And then, the fourth aspect is the sense of existence, the feeling of existence, in Sanskrit that’s called ‘Aham’ – ‘I Am’.