I’ve got a really special topic and one of my friends suggested she wanted to hear about it. And its how do you turn to Sanskrit when your life turns pear-shaped? Settle in and let’s talk about how do you turn to Sanskrit of all things when you feel like your life’s turning pear-shaped? Well, my life’s been centered around ancient wisdom and Sanskrit since I was 10 years old. It’s what I know. It’s what I do. I’ve taught it to children, to adults, and putting it into practice and making it practical in everyday life so that the wisdom of the ages isn’t just relegated to the dust tape of history. It’s actually relevant to everyday life now, which is what it’s intended to be. And the whole purpose of timeless wisdom has been my life’s work and I love that I can bring it to you right now.

Sanskrit is a link to timeless wisdom, and it’s a magnificent link. It provides foundational knowledge that really works when you apply it. It’s very simple and very immediate. It’s the supremely practical nature of it that I just love. Because if you don’t put it into practice and transform your life, then it’s just mere information and you know there are tons of that around. It’s like a flood. I’m in a mastermind with a group of women, and we meet every two weeks for two hours. It’s all sorts of women from different backgrounds. The link is that we all have a business.

They never heard of Sanskrit until they met me.

When I asked them “What do you know of Sanskrit?”

They said “Nothing. Squiggly words and writing.”

That’s all they knew, so now they’re interested.

They said, “Okay, how do you turn to Sanskrit when your life turns pear shaped? What do you do with it? How does it help?”

We’re going to take timeless wisdom, some elements of Sanskrit and apply it to the challenges of powerful negative emotions. They’re something that we experience all the time. The thing about negative emotions is they usually come up in reaction to some event. We can’t stop these negative emotions and we don’t want to stop them. When they arise, they’re there for a reason. They’re there to be purified. They’re there to be released. They’re there to be afraid. We actually have to stand present to them. We need to feel them, acknowledge them, but we also need to let them go. Because here’s the tip, these feelings are not really us. They’re just feelings. It’s not to downplay them, but they are just feelings, who you really are, who I really am is absolutely, limitless, magnificent and universal.

These negative feelings come over the top. They are powerful, that can be powerful. I know that. We need to learn to be established strongly within ourselves in the strength and purity of ourselves. That when they come up, we can stand present to them, we can honor and acknowledge these feelings, they may need to teach us something, and then we can let them go. That’s how we free ourselves and purify ourselves. That’s an aspect of Conscious Confidence and we have real confidence in ourselves and we can meet whatever life brings up, the wonderful and the challenging. The stresses and challenges that we’re going to address today are these negative emotions and I know they get a lot of airplay, but I’m going to take the perspective of applying timeless wisdom and I’m going to be referring to Sanskrit which is a beautiful, beautiful language. There’s been a lot said about it lately.

The aim always is to give our best, we know that. We always want to give our best and serve our families. We want to feel at ease, go with the flow of life; that’s natural. That’s in accordance with our nature, to be constantly beset by negative emotions; it’s not really the design. It’s not what’s intended to be a daily experience. We are magnificent, universal, limitless beings. The energy that arises when we meet the situation that is intended for us to be able to respond productively to the events of life often gets waylaid in this unproductive negative reaction to the events. Rather than utilizing and expressing our talents, and magnificence in the flow of life, we have this reaction to it. That blocks and limits and makes us feel unhappy. It’s unproductive. It’s exhausting and ultimately very limiting.

The problem often remains when we have these reactions, the thing is, the problem often remains in a doesn’t get resolved, we get left in this churned upstate inside, we’re tired, we’re unhappy, we’re out of alignment, and so on and so forth. Let’s take the big three based in the field of negative emotions. Its fear, guilt and anger; fear, guilt and anger. Fear and anxiety often represent a dysfunctional relationship with some aspect of the future.

Guilt, shame and regret, often represented dysfunctional relationship with some aspect of the past. Judgment, criticism, and anger often represented dysfunctional relationship with the present. We have this dysfunctional relationship in ourselves with the past, the present, and the future. We’re out of sync with it. The anxiety and the dread and the fear are with the future. The judgment and the critical, the criticisms and the critical nature of our thoughts, and anger is with the present. These heavy feelings of shame, regret, and guilt are with the past.We’re going to address these very practically and transform. We’re going to talk about some techniques to actually transform these negative emotions into positive emotions and free ourselves. Tt’s not to deny the emotions, it’s to transform them, purify them, release them and free ourselves.

Now we need to be intentional and disciplined about practicing in order to strengthen our memory. It does take at intention, decisiveness, our willingness to apply ourselves and that strengthens our memory. We need a strong memory. We need to remember the truth about ourselves, the magnificence of ourselves. We need a strong memory so that we can abide with positive attitudes and emotions when a situation arises that bring up the negative emotions. When the button isn’t pressed by us, but an outside situation and event that happens, we need to have a very strong memory that immediately comes up to support us and remind us that these negative feelings are not us, and that we can be free of them. How we can be free of them? This strong memory that supports us and protects us really is like a muscle. We go to the gym and strengthen our own physical muscles, we need to strengthen the muscles within the muscles of our attitude, our intention, our emotions. We need to strengthen muscles by practice and we practice when it’s easy, when we’re not being challenged specifically and deeply. We need to practice when it’s easy so that we’re ready for the challenges that may come when something really difficult comes up.

It’s like deciding you’re going to run a marathon. You don’t just put your training clothes on, your athletic running clothes on and step out onto the field and decide you’re going to run a marathon. You’re going to have to undergo coaching and training…and training…and training and knowledge and education and more practice and training. Then you’re ready for the actual race. Well similarly with this, with the events of life, the journey of life, to “run that race” in a word, you need to practice and you practice in the easy times, you practice away from the challenges so that you’re ready. You have the knowledge, you have the awareness, the level of consciousness is raised. That comes from strong memory and intentional practice.

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