Conscious Confidence Radio – A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane:

Focusing – I Came, I Saw, I Conquered!

Today is the third blog post in our six-part FUSE program series.  I call this “Veni vidi vici” – I came, I saw, I conquered – and that’s what Julius Caesar said after he won Gaul, modern day France, for the Roman Empire.  Caesar was a great example of someone totally focused on his goals and how to go about getting them.

We have already looked at Core Values and Positive Attitude, which are the first two stages of the Conscious Confidence FUSE program, and today we go into focusing. And the key here is attention.  When we focus in on anything, we give it our attention.  Without our attention being single-pointed then we have no focus, we jump around and waste our energy, leaving our goals unattained.

I realized Focusing was the first aspect of what I refer to as the fourfold energy of Conscious Confidence when researching for my book, and I looked up the word ‘confidence’ in Sanskrit. I discovered that Sanskrit had twelve words for confidence. When I reflected on the subtle differences in emphasis of each of these twelve words, I realized that they could be grouped into four ‘energies’. The first energy is Focusing, and this is where attention comes in.

One mistake people can make about focused attention is the idea that you have to block everything else out.  This isn’t the case.  Take an example, you’re at home, preparing a meal, or at work, finalizing a report.  You are focused on the task but when the doorbell rings, or the baby cries, or your PA needs some input, you are able to turn your attention from the main task to the new situation, deal with it and then return to the main game.  This is focused attention.

Real conscious confidence, real attention and focus starts with inner stillness. This is why I started this series of blogs with Core Values and Positive Attitude, both of these bring a sense of your inner Self, your inner stillness.  When Focus and attention come from that still point it is impossible for external interruptions to disturb your focus. From that still point it is easy to give your attention on to one thing at a time.

It is a simple matter to put our attention onto something, but keeping it there, focusing, can be a challenge.  That takes practice.  The monkey mind, if it’s been left to its own devices has developed habits that are unhelpful. This mental clutter, jumping from one distraction to the next, burns up energy. So where do we start?

The solution is simple. We need first to come into the present moment. Do that now, be aware of your body right here now. Take a deep breath and relax. Stop what you’re doing or just stop the thoughts for a minute. And relax.  Then give gentle unforced attention to whatever is there in front of you, whatever you are seeing, hearing, feeling and so on.  Maintain this easy awareness for a few moments, letting distractions pass. With a little persistence these moments of gentle focused attention will grow and extend.

My book Conscious Confidence: Use the Wisdom of Sanskrit To Find Clarity and Success lays out the whole FUSE program and includes lots of easy simple practices to help you to attain focus and the control of your attention.