Fear, Anxiety, Self-Esteem

Dr. Pat: The rise of fear and anxiety has a negative effect on self-esteem. Of course they’re inversely related sometimes. So what’s going on? What’s happening?


Sarah: It’s a very good question. And I know a lot of people are addressing this, and I certainly am too. It seems to be increasing. If you take all of these issues and not consider the true nature of a human being, a human being’s natural state which should be balanced, that’s in the design. A human being should be balanced, should be a confident, should be able to act and respond and, and take the challenges of life easily and respond and grow from them. I think there’s a fundamental lack in how many people are brought up now. There have been some changes in how people are educated of late. It was different when we were growing up. But I think nowadays the tendency is to just push people into highly intellectual pursuits and not consider the whole person. This is one of the ways imbalances occur.