Understanding The Fear Shadow, Segment 1

Explained in an interview on Conscious Confidence Radio – A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane: Understanding The Fear Shadow with Dr. Pat Baccili


Sarah: “Conscious confidence is drawn from yourself. Think of a great tree with deep roots. The tree grows and it can sway in the wind. It doesn’t matter what storm is blowing, and what comes and goes, the tree stands tall and proud, strong and resilient, and can move with the storms and also provide food and shelter to anyone who needs it. Conscious confidence is those roots deep within ourselves, and we can draw on timeless wisdom to plant the tree and deepen those roots. It’s a presence within ourselves.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening, there’s a presence, a strength, and the resilience within ourselves. The fear shadow just comes over like clouds and hangs over us. We can live under that fear shadow our whole life, it can seem like it’s a slightly less cloudy day some days, or it can be quite a dark, cloudy day on some days. That doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining, it’s just been covered over by these shadows, by these clouds.”