Conscious and Unconscious Confidence – There’s a Difference! 

Explained in an interview on Conscious Confidence Radio - A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane: Conscious and Unconscious Confidence – There’s a Difference! with Dr. Pat Baccili


Dr. Pat: But what does conscious mean when we take a look at the word conscious, and conscious and confidence. It really changes the flavor, the vibration, the energy of confidence. When we put the word conscious in front of it, doesn’t it?


Sarah: Absolutely. So if you apply the definition of the timeless system of Sanskrit about being conscious, it is awake, aware, present, observant, you’re mindful, you’re attentive, you’re aware of you mind, your soul, your heart. If you apply that, it doesn’t mean you’re not speaking, but when you do speak, it’s with purpose. It’s not this kind of brash, arrogant ego-based apparently confident behavior. Someone who’s quiet, we can say they might be a bit meek and they’re lacking in confidence, but they really may not be. Certainly quiet people can be lacking confidence, but if you drill down a little bit, you discover that there is a quiet confidence there, and to drill down into that and magnify that as the energy of confidence, you’ve actually got a far mightier force than the ones who are full of bravado out there. It must be tapped into!