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“There is a cloud hanging over society, woven of unfocused fear and anxiety. This fear shadow is born of a disconnection with who we truly are at the core of our being. People make the mistake of looking to externals for a cure, but the real cure is inside.
With Conscious Confidence Sarah Mane draws from Sanskrit and timeless wisdom traditions, tested in the fire of experience, to lead us to a place of inner connection where fear falls away and a life of strength and love and confidence can take its place.”

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Conscious Confidence Sarah Mane

Conscious Confidence is Changing the World

Sarah’s entertaining and motivating key note speeches introduce timeless wisdom covering a broad range of topics.

If you want to discover true Conscious Confidence and to make genuine change in your life, Sarah will lay out a path with clarity, simplicity and a wisdom that makes your journey not only possible but inevitable.

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Tired of empty promises? 

Build resilience and inner-strength with Sarah’s practical F.U.S.E program.  It’s fun, powerful and effective.

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Is your heart saying one thing and your mind another?

Align your body, mind, heart and spirit and discover a wonderful world of super confidence!
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What People Are Saying …

“Working with Sarah has given me direction and clarity”

Working with Sarah has given me direction and clarity and I have fulfilled goals which I never thought would be achievable. This has not only helped me during the sessions it has given me an array of tools which I can use throughout my life. -Richard

Sarah’s coaching has been extremely helpful. It has kept me on track and the steps towards the goals that we came up with in each session were achieved. Sarah did a great job of staying with my process and leading me into action and remained patient and positive throughout.


I found the coaching sessions with Sarah to be inspiring and amazingly useful. I felt that coaching would help me clarify a few issues and give me focus on getting through some projects, but the power of the model and the open spacious attitude of the coach were way beyond my expectations.

Not only did it kick start these projects it filled me with an enthusiasm and energy which gave me complete confidence in other areas as well.


Coaching sessions with Sarah were extraordinary. She allowed me to awaken to my own potential, to take responsibility for my own actions and realise that my destiny was in my control. The answers I discovered were within me! Sarah was generous and non judgemental. I could not imagine the sessions being any better and I came away from each a better person.

I can recommend her highly.

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